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Friday, June 25, 2010

Stamp out the White

I did it!!!!! 4-mile workout!

I felt I needed to post my experience this morning... I don't know if any of you have ever experienced this or not...In all my years of athletics...or exercise...I have never had this "emotion" flood over me...for "myself"...

Maybe, it is because I am approaching "60" years...but, when I finished the entire "4" mile workout this morning...I had this STRONG EMOTIONAL feeling come over me...even to the point of "tears"... I have never had such an experience achieving anything like this....EVER...

I get "emotional" when I see an athlete accomplish a feat...always have...but, it was ALWAYS SOMEONE ELSE I would get "tear-y-eyed"...Never understood it, but it is true...

But, today, it was for myself...I DID IT!!! I DID IT!!! With God's help, we can "do ANYTHING"!!! (smile)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Added "Exercise" to my New Lifestyle Change

Yesterday, I decided that I would ADD EXERCISE to my new "Lifestyle" change...After seeing a couple of pictures that Abraham took of me at Glacier National Park...I thought...LOSING WEIGHT is NOT ENOUGH...I need to TONE up and STRENGTHEN my muscles...if I am going to continue to "serve" in this life...I KNOW how much STRENGTH is needed in many areas of service...and being NOT FIT...slows me down...

So, I began my "Walk Slim" with Leslie Sansone. I LOVE this "walk fast" program...I did ONE mile, yesterday.  Today, I did the TWO mile program...Tomorrow, I will do the THREE mile set....and hopefully, will be able to handle the 4 mile....

After doing TWO miles, today...I was sweating...and could FEEL my muscles...but, I am go THREE tomorrow...I have ALWAYS PUSHED myself...May be madness, since I am coming up on "60"...and no longer in a "20 year old" body...but, my SPIRIT is still the same...consequently...I PUSH...

My friend, Mary Jane (missionary companion) told me about this program...Diet Power...NO it is NOT a DIET...but a program that keeps track of everything I eat...sets up how many calories I need to take each reach my water intake...whether I am eating HEALTHY or not...I can ADD foods that are not on the list, etc.  Plus, when I work calculates all that as well...

It is working for me as well...cause by the end of the day...I know exactly how many calories I have left...which often is the downer...cause often that is when it is the "bigger" meal...when in should be our LOWEST in calories...

Hope you are all doing your goals...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Lifestyle Change

For all those who want to know....I am doing a very dramatic change. I have cut
out SUGAR completely (for now)...which includes store bought bread. I
have also cut out bread but not completely. I will only allow the future... maybe once a week for my homemade
bread...which consists of wheat flour, honey, applesauce and olive oil
instead of white flour, sugar, eggs, and butter....but at the moment I
have cut all bread out too. I have hardly any reason,
Lillie is allergic to COW projects and the other reason is that I
don't really need it. So, I don't eat cheese...I have cut down on
butter to maybe once a week...maybe a glass of milk every now and
then. I am still deciding if I am going to become a vegetarian or just
cut out pork and beef...sniff sniff...I love beef. Still thinking
about it...If all else I will have chicken mainly and once in a while
have some beef but I am cutting out pork completely. I am also cutting
out pasta for the most part..once in a while I will have some. As for
rice, I am going to brown rice even though white rice tastes SO MUCH
BETTER. :) I am staying away from popcorn too...even though I love oil
popped..but that is very I will have some once in a
while. For my protein I am going to be eating beans instead of meat.
And then I am exercising...Monday thru Friday and on Saturdays, Jared
wants to go hiking every week as a family unless something comes up..
SO I am really only eating FRUITS and VEGGIES. I eat more veggies at
the moment till I can get a balance of the two and make sure I am
getting all my servings of vegetables a day. This past week I have only
eaten fruits and vegetables and today was my milk day...but I only had
2 small glasses. I have only been drinking a ton of WATER. I will be
bring in long as it doesn't have sugar or added
sweetener....I am thinking of making my own juices. So for me...this
is my dramatic change. Sure there will be an occasion or two that I
will not follow this exactly but this is what my lifestyle will be
looking like.

I know this is going to be hard...even now because of all the food I
make Nathan that is not on my menu..especially when it comes to bread
and pasta....but I know it will be well worth it and I will be heather
for it. And Lillie will be getting better leftovers. :D

Hope this helps
Love Angel

Though it has been quiet....

Though our little blog has been on the QUIET side...Angel just posted a LOSS...Garvin is slowing down in the rapid weight loss...and I am...still...going back and forth...but, still working at LOWERING my situation...

My goal for this to lose enough weight to settle into the 140's by the end of the month...I probably will stay in that range for awhile...but, I need to get there first...(smile)

NO COMPLAINTS...I am thrilled that I have lost the initial EXTRA I put on when we were in transition those first 6 months in Montana...

Angel...YOU GO GIRL!!! You have INSPIRED me to keep moving FORWARD!!! (smile)

I know ABE has really made GREAT progress in reducing his FAT content...but, I don't have the figures in front of me...GO ABE!!!

Hyrum has been working out...using Abe's program...